Cuisinart Food Processors Reviews

cuisinartfp12eliteAs a famous food connoisseur aptly said “any food processor is referred to as the Queez,” Cuisinart food processors have set the highest standards in food prep technology. Wide recognition attests to the brand’s devotion to simple but seamless cooking in all types of kitchens, from the humblest abodes to the top restaurants in the land.

And they deliver by introducing four  food processors fitfor all cooking needs. Rating consistently high in product reviews and unit sales, Cuisinart  processors remain the backbone of every kitchen in America – the secret behind every successful cook or chef and a dependable companion in conquering a multitude of recipes.

Cooking Like a Pro

The Cuisinart DLC-10S Pro Classic 7-Cup Processor is a versatile appliance that any homeowner would love to own in their kitchen. The Pro Classic 7-Cup processor’s ability to chop veggies and knead dough is unmatched by any other appliance in the market of its size. With the Pro Classic 7-Cup processor, any home cooked meal can taste like the work of a pro.

  • The product is 11.2 by 7 by 13.8 inches and weighs 16.4 pounds, using up just enough space in your kitchen.
  • Highly versatile with its four blades for chopping/mixing, kneading dough, slicing and shredding. Take a bold dip into new recipes with these all-around discs.
  • Small and large pushers, detachable disc stem, spatula and a compact flat cover aids in completely processing food and in keeping food preparations organized.
  • Extra-large feed tube holes available to shred and chop whole vegetables and fruits with ease.

Prep in Style

The Cuisinart DLC-2009CHB Prep 9 9-Cup  Processor is one of the smallest Cuisinart cuisinaert-dlc10spro1processors there is. Available in 9 and 11-cup variants, the Prep 9 packs a powerful punch with its size, but also maintains a sleek and elegant look for modern kitchens. Preparing your food can now be done in style thanks to the Cuisinart Prep 9’slustrous yet simple finish.

  • Includes a 9-cup Lexan work bowl, a strong shatterproof polycarbonate bowl that can withstand pressures and textures with ease.
  • This 7 by 9.5 by 13 inch appliance weighing 14.6 pounds can snugly fit into any corner of your countertop, reducing clutter and maximizing space in your kitchen.
  • Comes with a dough blade, chopping and mixing blade, 4mm stainless steel slicing blade and a medium stainless steel shredding disc fit for all types of recipes.
  • Extra-large one-piece feed tube that facilitates whole fruits and vegetables for continuous processing.
  • Detachable disc stem, a pusher assembly and spatula are included for easier maneuvering of food stuffs into and out of the bowl.

Excellence with an Elite Processor

Cuisinart can turn cooks of any level into instant masters of the kitchen with Cuisinart FP-12 Elite Collection 12-Cup Processor. The FP-12 Elite is a mid-size, two-for-one offering in the Cuisinart food processor’s Elite Collection. With it, all types of recipes can be instantly completed thanks to a powerful 1000-watt peak power motor. Greatly reducing kitchen prep time, anyone can churn out the best tasting meals in a matter of minutes with this appliance.

  • At 19 pounds and 10.75 by 7.50 by 16 inches, it can take up space in the kitchen. But its two-in-one capacity is a great space saver.
  • Available in 12- and 4-cup polycarbonate bowls with pour spouts and measurement markings for versatile serving sizes and for accommodating multiple batches at the same time.
  • The SealTight Advantage System and an On/Off locking system with a Push-Button release that locks the bowls and blades in place ensures safe use and even processing of food.
  • Wide mouth feed tube to facilitate processing of whole vegetables and fruits, ridding pre-cutting and greatly reducing total prep time.
  • Electronic touchpad with LED indicator lights and three selections for simple and faster control.
  • Accessories included in the package are adjustable slicing discs, reversible shredding disc, large and small chopping and mixing blade, a dough blade, feedtube and cover assembly.

Elite Culinary Supremacy for Homes and Business

cuisinart14cup1-e1417933050521Cuisinart takes the Elite Collection a step further with the Cuisinart FP-14 Elite Collection 14-Cup  Processor. Blending a powerful 1000-watt peak motor with sophisticated design, this three-in-one Cuisinart food processor’s unmatched speed and capacity is more than enough to power your kitchen, whether you’re serving for the family or fueling up your own restaurant.

  • This processor may be the biggest of the bunch at 23.5 pounds and 11.75 by 11.25 and 17 inches. But its three-in-one capacity more than makes up for the space it takes on the counter.
  • The 11- and 4½-cup polycarbonate bowls that can fit inside the 14-cup bowl means that you can prepare multiple batches at different serving sizes in one go. These bowls are equipped with spouts and measurement markings to facilitate food preparation.
  • Maximum capacity can be reached through the SealTight Advantage System, which also aids in the cleaning and pouring process. Plus, On/Off locking system with Push-Button release helps seal and lock all parts in place, protecting users from harm.
  • Includes a 1 to 6mm stainless steel adjustable slicing disc, fine or medium reversible shredding disc, large and small chopping and mixing blades with BladeLock system, dough blade, and a spatula for versatility and ease of use.
  • Wide-mouth feedtube and cover assembly eases the processing of whole fruits and vegetables.
  • Electronic touchpad controls with blue LED lights for greater visibility.


All Cuisinart  processors are dishwasher safe and BPA free, which means that the food you prepare remain fresh and all parts of the appliances are easy to clean. All packages include a How-To DVD Guide as well as a recipe book for beginners and experienced kitchen mavens alike. Cuisinart products also have warranties for the benefit of all loyal clients. Experiment with your knowledge of food with any of these processors and pretty soon you’ll be the talk of your circle of friends and acquaintances. Save money and earn renown as the best chef there is in the neighborhood with the help of Cuisinart food processors, the best-kept secrets of the most successful cooks and chefs around.