Omega Juicer Reviews and Comparison

Commercial juice is widely available these days, but most of these are just sweetened drinks. There’s nothing like freshly made juice for flavor and nutrition. A juicing machine such as the Omega juicer makes it easy to make nutritious fresh juice every day.

Many juicing machines are available in various brands, but Omega was the first company to create these machines. It now manufactures the widest range of juicers, including models that do more than just juice. The Omega upright masticating juicers are good if you just want a juicer, but there are Omega juicers that perform many other useful functions. Either way, other comparable juicers in the market tend to cost at least double. The Omega juicer reviews below summarize the features of some of the most popular omega juicers.

Omega juicer Reviews Comparisons and some Features

The Omega j8003 juicer gives great value for money since this machine can not only make juice but perform many other functions. It can juice a wide range of both fruits and vegetables, including leafy greens and wheatgrass. TheĀ  juicer can also be used for making various types of nut butters, meat pates, and pasta.

It also serves as a coffee and spice grinder. Use italso for mincing herbs, garlic, and meat, for pureeing food for your baby, and even making ice cream and soymilk. The Omega j8003 juicer in fact performs most functions of a food processor, making it a useful appliance that can save you from buying other kitchen equipment. It has a 10 year warranty for regular use in the home. It can easily be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.

The Omega j8005 juicer is just about the same machine but has a chrome body instead of white plastic.

Omega j8004 juicer: Heavy duty juicer for commercial use

The Omega j8004 juicer is labeled a Nutrition Center. The Omega HD Juice Extractor Nutrition Center performs the same functions as the Omega j8003 juicer but is a stronger, upgraded version. The auger of the Omega j8004 juicer is 8 times tougher.

An industrial-strength juicer, the Omega j8004 juicer has a 15 year warranty. The Omega j8004 juicer is a good purchase if you need a juicer and food processor for frequent, heavy use.

Omega VRT350: Space-saving omega upright masticating juicer

If you already have a good food processor and finding additional countertop space for a juicer is a problem, you might want to try one of the omega upright masticating juicers. The Omega VRT350 is one of the most popular Omega upright masticating juicers. This machine just juices and does it with great efficeincy. It can handle all types of fruits and vegetables, plus large quantities of wheatgrass and even soaked almonds for making almond milk. The Omega VRT350 is a durableĀ  commercial juicer that has a self-cleaning system which allows you to just rinse out the machine quickly. Its reverse operation function prevents clogs. Omega juicer reviews generally cite this as the best of the Omega upright masticating juicers for serious juicing.

To sum up this Omega juicer comparison, all Omega juicers are powerful, run quietly, are easy to assemble and use and can be conveniently cleaned. They process fruits and vegetables with low heat, thus preserving more of their nutritional value. Get either an Omega j8003 juicer or an Omega j8005 juicer for multiple functions in the home, an Omega j8004 juicer if you need a tougher muilti-function machine, and the Omega VRT350 for just juicing. Whichever Omega juicer you choose, you are sure to get an excellent piece of equipment for your money