Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Twin GearJuice Extractor

Are you in the market for high quality juicers? If so, you need to consider the twin gear masticating juicer from Tribest. If you are still in doubt, reading this green Star juicer Elite GSE 5000 will help you decide.

Product Description

tribest_ tribest6_ Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Jumbo Twin Gear Cold Press Juice Extractor Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Jumbo Twin Gear Cold Press Juice ExtractorThe wonderful Tribest green Star Elite GSE 5000 juicer is a superior model from its forerunner; GS1000 and GS3000. Due to its twin gear, this juicer is capable of extracting 50 to 200 percent more juice opposed to other masticating juicers that produce lesser than which.

This runs on low speed that allows utmost draining of the pulp and also minimizing the level of oxidations that lowers the essential nutrient of the juice. GSE500 is bigger than the past models, as a result allows for 3 levels of juicing that take account of crushing, mixing as well as rubbing. The squeezing stage, entirely juices out the pulp.

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Green Star Juicer Product Features

The Tribest Green Star Elite GSE5000 is equipped with essential features such as:

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  • Automatic pulp ejection for constant juicing and easy clean up
  • Juices fruits, vegetables and herbs fast and grind grains and nuts
  • Function as a food mill for making baby foods, nut butters and sorbets
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Portable with balanced sure grip handle for less stressful carrying
  • It comes with diverse screens which allow the user to totally explore the juicer and what it could do. It comes with safety switch technology to make sure that the juicing process works easily. The twin gears which are made of stainless steel allow smooth and efficient juicing.
  • It comes with enhanced sleep design, a new locking mechanism, added safety, high yields, easy clean up and easy grip outlet adjusting knob.

Ease of Use

Not like other past models where you required utilizing lots of effort in order to produce juice particularly from the hard vegetables and fruits, the GSE5000 makes the work fast and easy since you just want to feed the juicer and it will handle the whole thing.

GSE 5000 from Tribest

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Clean Up

It’s one of the masticating juicers that are easy to clean. The parts are easy to detach and you can reassemble the juicer in just a couple of minutes.

High Quality Juice

The Tribest green star juicer elite GSE 5000 is committed to making sure that you obtain all the essential minerals and nutrients from the fruits and vegetables by slowly squeezing and crushing the pulp to extract the juice.

Juice Yielded

It doesn’t matter if you have just a few vegetables and fruits, due to the dual gear of this juicer, it ensures that the juice is 100% extracted out prior to throwing it away.


The juicer runs on a low speed of 11 rpm or range per minute that ensure that you obtain the utmost amount of juice.


This juicer doesn’t produce loud noise compared to other juicers. So, you will not disturb your neighbor or family members.


The twin gear masticating juicer has lots of benefits such as:

  • Amazing Versatility: Not only for unbeatable vegetable and fruit juices. It could make deserts, sorbets, butters, paste and sauces.
  • Matchless Performance: This juicer assured to squeeze the last ounce of goodness from the fruits and veggies you inserted.
  • Delayed Oxidation: Juice remains good and fresh up to 3 days in the refrigerator, this is due to its bioceramic and magnetic technology.
  • It comes with twin gears which allow for utmost draining of vegetable and fruit pulp
  • 110rpm low speed that is vital to let the machine to juice slowly as well as properly in order to provide the best amount of juice.
  • No oxidation happens because of the slow juicing process, heat isn’t generated so the process of oxidation is considerably slowed.
  • You can purchase a pasta maker which you can attach to the GSE5000, which allows you to create homemade pasta.
  • This twin gear masticating juicer comes with one-year warranty which secures your purchase when something happens
  • You can detach this appliance fast for easy and stress free cleaning


                                                                                           Green Star Juicer Video

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  • This produce loud noise when the gears aren’t working properly
  • It is relatively large, as a result might not be perfect when your kitchen has small space
  • No dishwasher safe components

Customer Review and Scores

The twin gear masticating juicer receives 4.5 out of 5 stars in an Amazon review. Out of 17 customers, 13 of them rated the product with 5 stars and the rest gave 4 and 3 stars. This shows that this juicer is indeed very reliable.


This twin green star juicer from Tribest is the best juicer when you are searching for a machine which will provide you quality juice. The one year warranty assured that your money is secured in case it worn out or when something happens. So if you wish for a juicer that will provide you utmost extraction from different fruits and vegetables, GSE5000 from Tribest is precisely what you must take home.